Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April Part 1

We had a wonderful Easter. I love that we got to be at home and enjoy General Conference with family. We had a delicious breakfast with Polly's family in the morning. 

Then in the afternoon we went to my parents house and watched the 2nd session. What a treat it was to hear them announce a temple in Layton, Utah!! They also announced temples in Russia and India! President Nelson came to this conference swinging with all sorts of changes for the church! Changing the name of Visiting/Home Teaching to Ministering and how it's done as well as combining the High Priests and Elder's Quorum. I am really excited about the changes. I enjoyed holding sweet baby Jace while watching.

It was so fun to show my kids, "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree". 

I love that the Iverson's and my parents yards are open to each other. 

It was so fun to have Jenny's family here from North Dakota. I asked Amelia to snap a pic of me and Jace and this is what I got.

After the 2nd session of Conference my mom had a special Easter lesson prepared for the kids. 

Upon returning home, we discovered we had been "Egged". My kids were so excited!

We also found our first flower blooming in our yard. It makes me so happy.

We had a nice little staycation for Spring Break. We left Kenzi and Brooke at Grandma Smedley's and the rest of us came home. Maren, Rad and I all stood in line for free Little Caesar's Pizza. They promised a free lunch combo to everyone if a 16 seed beat a number 1 seed in college basketball. Unfortunately of them, it happened! Yay for us!

We discovered that Rad does NOT like pop rocks.

So Maren and I finished his. 

A note from Maren to the Easter Bunny: Please Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny can I have Flarp and more Peeps."

On Monday night, we all stayed at Grandma Smedley's. My parents put Maren and Rad to bed, while Tay and I took Kenzi and Brooke to see our friends perform in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse in Ogden. It was very well done. 

Taylor forgot a pajama shirt, so he had to borrow one of mine. 

I had the opportunity to look at my mom's wedding album. 

This is my parents after their wedding in the Ogden Temple

Fast forward 30 or so years later..... Same doors behind us. Sadly, those doors are no longer :(

This is a pic of my Grandma and Grandpa Chlarson at the wedding luncheon. I love my Grandma's hand on Grandpa's face. Totally classic.

I also love that my Grandpa Chlarson is laughing really hard about something while my Grandpa Smedley is giving a speech. I know there is a story there. Wish I knew what it was!

We took the kids to the Jordan River Temple open house. I wish I could have captured Rad's face when he was inside the temple. He was SO happy. He loves the temple and asks often when he can go inside. 

Afterwards, Erica hosted us and Johansen's for lunch. It was delicious and fun. 

Then we sent Kenzi off to enjoy her cousin Claire's birthday party. She had a lot of fun at Boondock's!

The rest of us went to visit Great Grandma Smedley. She told us the story of Rose Red and Rose White as well at the 24th of July Easter Bonnets while we ate ice cream cones.

I helped my Dad start to prune his apple trees. I had no idea just how big those apple trees are. Turns out I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to pruning trees. Two trees took me from 9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m with a small break for lunch. My Dad was so pleased with the job I did, that it made it all worth it. I feel bad that I was able to get more done. It's harder for him to do what he used to be able to do when we were younger. Especially now that he has Parkinson's.

At home while looking for left over Easter eggs, I discovered a nice little wasp nest.

I also found a broken egg, which means there is a nest around close by!

I was able to meet my dear friend Rindee for lunch at Maddox and her sweet baby! What a chubbers!

After lunch, Varci and Polly came over for a visit. It was fun to have Varci's girls up for the very first time!

The next day was rainy, but I took my kids for a tour of Utah State University and they LOVED it. Kenzi now wants to go there to school. I fully support that idea! Every night at bed time, I ask my kids what the best part of their day was. Kenzi and Brooke both said touring Utah State :)

The Japanese Club was selling chocolate covered bananas. My kids opted for that over Aggie Ice Cream. They are insane. 

We took the kids indoor swimming. I'm not a fan. I was cold the whole time. I only like to swim if I can get outside and it's so warm you don't even need a towel. I thought I'd embarrass my kids by wearing a raincoat and rainbows to the pool, but they didn't even care. No shame. 

Maren went right back to being a little fish. She even went off the diving board time and time again! I don't know if we will go again for a while because that night Brooke was up with leg cramps and Kenzi was up with a plugged ear. She was in pain and I didn't know how to help her, so I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father what I could do to help get the water out of her ear. I had a picture come into my mind of an ear and massaging behind in the ear and pulling down on the ear lobe. I got up and went downstairs and did was I had seen in my mind. Low and behold I felt water drop out onto my hand! Kenzi's ear was still a little plugged, but enough came out that she was able to sleep. The rest drained out onto her pillow at some point! I am so grateful to have a Heavenly Father who hears and answers my prayers. 

Brooke auditioned for the Nibley City Talent Show and she made it! She will soon perform her Hula Hoop routine to the Trolls song, "Get Back Up Again", for a possible prize if she places 1st, 2nd or 3rd. We shall see!

The kids made birdhouses at Home Depot. We now have 4 birdhouses hanging around the house outside. 

Rad loves wagon rides.

Brooke wanted to make bread for her primary teacher. She picked a recipe for whole wheat bread and it turned out really well!

Brooke started her Harry Potter unit at school. She wore the sorting hat and was put in to Gryffindor! I was so proud. I knew that Gryffindor ran deep in our veins. 

Dear Grandma Ruby, the one who claims to have taught me my ABC's, passed out, "I love Sunday School" buttons at the end of Sacrament meeting, caught me flipping people off on Gentile Street and had more hats than I could count died at the ripe old age of 102! What a woman!

For Family Home Evening, we had a lesson around the fire pit. We roasted hot dogs and then had our friends the Price's over for S'mores. 

Taylor got tired of the bikes blocking the walkway in the garage, so he went ahead and made bike rack. He is such a handy man!

I am planning to make a collage of all of the "helpers" that God sent to us while recovering from Rad's accident. I was so happy to get this photo today of my friends Molly and Celeste that came to visit us often with a message from their church. Jehovah's Witnesses. They are such wonderful people and I admire their strong desire to share good news among all the bad we witness nowadays.